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GM. The week has only just begun, and already there are crazy events happening…

Before we dive in, we have some heat for you!

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⏳ Race Against Time for US

The US Congress has done the unthinkable and approved a deal just in the nick of time to prevent the world's largest economy from diving into a catastrophic debt default.

After a whirlwind through the Senate, the bipartisan measure gained steam, passing with a vote of 63-36. Phew! It sailed through the US House of Representatives and with President Joe Biden, ever-ready with his pen, signed this bill into law, sparing the US from the daunting prospect of defaulting on its staggering $31.4T debt.

Picture this, the clock ticking, and the debt ceiling deadline looming on June 5th, worldwide collapse on the cards, kidding… But the resulting factor would not have been good.

But fret not, the Congress managed to pull a rabbit out of their hat just in the nick of time. This last-minute rescue prevents the government from grappling with limited borrowing capabilities and ensures bills get paid.

The bill received a resounding "yes" from 44 Democrats and 17 Republicans, along with the support of two independent senators. Remember, it required a minimum of 60 votes to pass in the 100-seat chamber, where Democrats held a tight grip.

Naturally, a few rebels lurked within the ranks. A notable member of the Republican leadership, John Barrasso, joined the opposing side. Alongside him, Democratic senators John Fetterman and Elizabeth Warren, along with independent Bernie Sanders, broke ranks and voted against the measure. Sometimes, even in the most harmonious symphony, a few discordant notes find their way in.

The stage was set for a showdown as senators proposed a whopping 11 amendments to the debt ceiling bill. Alas, all were swiftly rejected, clearing the path for a decisive final vote. A single successful amendment could have derailed the entire process, leaving little time to rescue the US from tumbling over the fiscal cliff.

In the aftermath of this nail-biting saga, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer shared a collective sigh of relief with the nation. "America can breathe a sigh of relief because, in this process, we are avoiding default," he announced jubilantly. We can practically feel the collective exhalation echoing through the halls of Washington!

In a remarkable show of unity, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell voiced his support, leaving no room for delay. "I would be proud to support it without delay," he proudly declared to reporters. A bipartisan consensus emerging from the shadows? Now, that's a headline worth remembering!

However, the political landscape on this matter is worrying…

What does the future hold? With the debt ceiling suspended until January 1, 2025, the government can breathe a little easier for now. According to the Congressional Budget Office, this deal will bring in $1.5tn in savings over a decade.

However, both right-wing Republicans and left-wing Democrats had their reservations about the bill's contents. Yet, it found enough favor with the political centrists from both parties to clear the finish line.

The US have avoided a debt default but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more trouble as economic conditions are still suffering and now they need to find a resolution with the precious time they have been afforded.

The US economy seems safe for now, but will they be able to navigate their way out of this potential disaster in time, and will the US Dollar survive?

🚨 Atomic bomb for major wallet

Atomic Wallet, the popular mobile and desktop crypto wallet, is in the spotlight as reports of a daring heist rock the crypto community.

With over $35 million worth of cryptocurrencies allegedly stolen, the developers are on high alert, investigating the incident and taking swift action to protect users.

Imagine a world where you can securely store various cryptocurrencies in one convenient wallet. Enter Atomic Wallet, the superhero of digital finance, not only compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux, this versatile wallet has won the hearts of crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

But even superheroes face challenges, and Atomic Wallet is no exception…

On June 3rd, Atomic Wallet sent shockwaves through the Twittersphere with a tweet that rocked the crypto community to its core. Reports of compromised wallets flooded in, triggering the developers to spring into action and launch a full-scale investigation. "We have received reports of wallets being compromised," declared Atomic Wallet, vowing to leave no virtual stone unturned.

As the investigation unfolds, Atomic Wallet's dedicated team has joined forces with leading security companies in a heroic alliance. Their mission? To identify possible attack vectors and protect users from further harm. The battle against the thieves is on, and Atomic Wallet isn't backing down. The developers are reaching out to major exchanges and blockchain analytics companies to trace and block the stolen funds.

In the latest dispatch from the front lines, Atomic Wallet provided an update on the ongoing investigation. While the team remains vigilant, no definitive information has emerged yet. However, they are diligently collecting victim addresses and crucial details to aid in their quest for justice. With the assistance of third-party security companies, they are determined to lock down the stolen funds and shield innocent crypto warriors from harm.

In a bid to safeguard their loyal users, the Atomic Wallet developers made a daring move. 

They swiftly took down their download server, 'get.atomicwallet.io.' This bold action was likely taken to prevent any further breaches and contain the chaos. With a firm commitment to protecting their community, Atomic Wallet has shown their dedication to security and the pursuit of justice.

In the aftermath of this crypto caper, Atomic Wallet is gathering valuable intelligence from affected users. They are on a mission to unravel the mystery behind the theft.

Victims are being asked to share crucial information, including the operating system they were using, the source of their software download, actions taken before the theft, and where their backup phrases were stored. By piecing together this puzzle, Atomic Wallet hopes to shed light on the breach and enhance their security measures.

Let this serve as a powerful reminder to remain cautious in the crypto realm. Keep a watchful eye on your digital assets, use trusted wallets, and exercise due diligence where possible.

🍎 Apple’s innovations ripen

Apple takes centre stage with a long-awaited hardware launch as we dive into the realm of augmented reality and witness the unveiling of Apple Vision Pro!

In a moment that had tech enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the extraordinary Apple Vision Pro headset. With seamless integration of the real and virtual worlds, this ground-breaking device promises a new era of immersive experiences.

Here is the only tweet on Apple’s Twitter account…

But that's not all! Apple had more tricks up its sleeve, revealing the latest version of its iPhone operating system, iOS17. Prepare for a feature-packed update, including the introduction of "contact posters" that bring personalization to your phone calls, "live voicemail" for real-time message transcriptions, and the ingenious "Check-In" system to keep loved ones informed about your safety.

The Apple Vision Pro headset comes with an awe-inspiring price tag of $3,499 and is set to hit the market early next year in the US.

While the cost may raise eyebrows, Apple aims to set new standards in augmented reality. With a sleek design resembling ski goggles, this device stands out from its virtual reality counterparts, pushing the boundaries of what's possible, especially at that price…

With the Apple Vision Pro, you'll step into a world where virtual objects come to life in your surroundings.

Augmented reality, or mixed reality, lets you seamlessly merge the virtual and physical realms through a captivating screen experience. Dive into a virtual world where apps, movies, and even document creation become a vivid reality.

Will there be a reason to leave the house anymore?

Industry experts have mixed opinions on the widespread appeal of the Apple Vision Pro. While some believe its high price and initial limitations may deter mainstream consumers, others trust Apple's track record in winning over skeptics and creating irresistible gadgets.

After all, who can resist the allure of a new tech marvel to add to their repertoire?

Apple's announcement comes hot on the heels of Meta and Lenovo's updates to their virtual reality headsets. While both companies have invested in mixed reality, the market as a whole has faced challenges.

Recent data from the International Data Corporation reveals a significant drop in global sales of headsets last year. But with Apple's expertise and innovative approach, can they revive the sector?

They are certainly set up to do so, but could the DeFi space step in to give Apple a helping hand with the metaverse and much more that is on offer, and could we be about to see a whole new trend appear to boost the markets at the same time and renew the interest around this fascinating world?

As the curtain falls on Apple's extraordinary hardware showcase, anticipation builds for the release of the Apple Vision Pro and the arrival of iOS17.

Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey where digital and physical realities converge in remarkable harmony. The future is here, and Apple is leading the way!

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Binance and Coinbase in troubled waters 😅

Bitcoin emissions improving 👇

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